inner wisdom exploration

Follow your inner guidance.
Live blissfully from a space of YOU.


5-month Soul coaching program

⟁ Feeling disconnected from yourself + sensing that YOU are scattered (all over the map)?
⟁ Overwhelmed by too many thoughts | stimuli and lacking clarity?
⟁ Experiencing a strong sense that YOU are NOT aligned with YourSelf (anymore)?
⟁ Wishing YOU could live more from your heart & soul (and not your mind)?
⟁ Ignoring how to access your inner resources?
⟁ Unsure of how to move forward by being more into alignment with yourself?
⟁ Wishing YOU knew how to listen + follow your heart & intuition?
⟁ Seeking to live more blissfully and harmoniously from a space of YOU?

Are you?

Feeling disconnected from YourSelf can often be confusing, draining, and overwhelming.

Feeling disconnected and out of alignment with YourSelf can be painful and suffering.
It leaves YOU feeling unfulfilled and often confused, scattered or distracted.
It is as though an essential component in your life is missing, i.e. YOU.

Living in alignment with your heart & soul is a natural desire | aspiration.

Exploring your inner wisdom
is energizing, uplifting
and expansive. 

△ Recognizing your powerful inner resources.
△ Guiding YOU into tuning in + listening to your inner wisdom.
△ Busting mental overwhelm and making way for soulful clarity.
△ Helping YOU to become more aligned to your soul.
△ Bringing YOU back to YOU.
△ Being in flow with your inner wisdom.
△ Providing resources to help YOU on your journey, always adapting to your specific needs.
△ Receiving support + a sacred space to allow YOU to unfold soulfully with ease & compassion.
△ Allowing YOU to freely move forward by following your inner guidance.
△ Aligning your life to YOU.

The inner wisdom exploration program is about...


Your Inner Wisdom awaits YOU... 

The Inner Wisdom Exploration program is about guiding YOU into tapping into your inner resources
& connecting with your inner wisdom, to guide YOU on your life’s journey. 

Its purpose is to create a flow between YOU and your source of infinite inner wisdom,
to allow YOU to live in alignment with your essence.

What's Included in this 5-month soul coaching program? 

Designed With Love

Here is What you will receive... 

Session 1-
introduction + reflections

*inner Connection Assessment

*inner wisdom Assessment

Session 2 -
Inner connection coaching

Session 3 -
your Inner connection Affair

Session 4 -Akashic
inner connection insights  

Session 5 -
listening to your soul coaching

Session 6 -
inner alignment coaching

Session 7 -
inner decisions coaching

Session 8 - akashic
inner wisdom infusion

Session 9 -
aligning your life to you 

Session 10 -
following your inner compass

5 months of compassionate support + inspiration + guidance from Lynne 


start exploring now!
(1 payment of 2222$ CAD) 

start exploring now!
(4 Monthly payments of 565$ CAD) 

A lovely downloadable journal created for YOU on your journey of Inner Wisdom Exploration.

YOU shall receive an exclusive Chakra Analysis Chart taken from your Akashic Records.
*This is the only space to receive this specific chart. Lynne does not offer it elsewhere.

Lynne will choose and send YOU a special Essential Oil just for YOU.
To help YOU on your journey of exploring your inner wisdom.


Bonus #3 - an ESSENTIAL OIL

Bonus #1-Inner Wisdom Journal

ও Your intuition is enhanced
ও YOU become more aware of your inner needs & aspirations
ও YOU gain clarity and focus
ও A deeper sense of gratitude and purpose is created
ও A greater sense of your Self 
ও Enhanced feeling of being at the center of your life, and of living as YOU

benefits of connecting to your inner wisdom...

'Your essence's resources are infinite.
They can propel YOU on to planes of a rare beauty.
 The human heart has infinite capabilities.'
- Chariji 

Connect to your essence.