My purpose?

To illuminate hearts and uplift people to their highest Truth. 

Lynne Marion, Intuitive Life Coach. Enchantée

My passion?

To guide and support beautiful souls -like YOU- to connect to their essence and to follow their heart.

I believe that every soul has the inner wisdom, the creativity and the inner resources to lead a fulfilling life, in alignment with their heart, and to naturally shine + share their gifts in the world. 

My philosophy?

as an intuitive life coach...

 I joyfully help, guide & support YOU in:

♡ Connecting to your essence 
♡ Exploring your inner wisdom 
♡ Expanding your awareness 
♡ Following your inner guidance 
♡ Integrating newness into your life 
♡ Aligning to your heart
♡ Living your life from a space of YOU 

I absolutely LoVe to guide + teach beautiful souls who are seeking to live more in alignment with themselves to connect within.
I have been connecting within, daily, for over a decade now.

Prior to that, without realizing it, I was spending tremendous amounts of time in my head.
I was living my life according to my mind's eye and making decisions from there.
I didn't even realize to what extent I was so much into my headspace, until I sensed a deep inner feeling that something crucial was missing in my life's design: my soul's presence.

Throughout my adult life, unknowingly, I had learned to bypass my heart and to plough through with my plans according to my mind.
My heart and soul were continuously being overridden by my mind. 

My heart would lovingly whisper its wishes and aspirations to me (through feelings, intuition and inner nudges).
My mind would firmly roar its desires and commands (perpetually justifying my decisions), withholding the whispers of my heart.
Consequently? I would follow my mind's soaring voice, leaving my soul unattended.
A day came when I felt a very strong inner feeling, that wouldn't shake itself off. My attention was being called inwardly.
My soul was expressly communicating to me that my life's direction needed to change.
In other words, it was time for growth + alignment + transformation.
In essence, it was time for my soul to start leading the way... 

I quieted my mind down, focused more of my attention inward, and allowed my soul to express its aspirations to me + to expand...
I carefully listened to my soul's voice + vision(s). 
I created space for my soul & purpose into my life.  
I opted out of the ego marathon. And I connected to the stillness and wise goddess within. 

To my amazement, my soul guided me into becoming an Intuitive Life Coach!
My journey of honouring my Self wondrously led me to the Akashic Records, to NLP Life Coaching as well as to Heartfulness Meditation.

Today, I wish to guide YOU into connecting within, and following your soul's true aspirations. 

YOU were born with the ability to connect to your essence and to listen to your heart.

It is natural to be in tune with your heart, your soul. 


My professional background is quite unique and diverse! 

In sum, my interests, knowledge and skills are various. 

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
(University of Montreal)

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics
(McGill University)

Master's Degree in Management & Community Development
(Université de Sherbrooke)

Akashic Records Teacher &
Advanced Practitioner

Soul Realignment Advanced Practitioner

Heartfulness Meditation Trainer

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Life Coach Master Practitioner




As an intuitive, creative, spiritual being, with highly developed analytical skills, and a profound passion for self-development & living from the heart! 

How would I describe myself with my atypical background? 

I consider myself a globe-trotting citizen of the Planet.
In my eyes, the Earth is a sacred place with infinite complexities, synchronicities & beauty! 

Until now, I have lived and/or traveled to over 31 countries (in North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, Africa, South East Asia).
I feel at home wherever my heart guides me. 

My numerous international experiences have taught me that Human beings, no matter where they live, what language they speak, what age they have or what their title is, seek the same things to evolve harmoniously: Trust & Love. 

With Trust & Love, the possibilities of growing (individually and collectively) become infinite. 







A few of my passions...

Following your heart's desires is a matter of

As an Intuitive Life Coach, my ultimate goal is to contribute to the well-being of Humanity, to expand consciousnesses, and to guide YOU into naturally connecting to your heart. I am immensely grateful to have been given the gift of being an Intuitive Life Coach & would be honoured to be of service to YOU!

Journey with me to connect to your essence & explore your infinite inner wisdom!
Live blissfully as YOU in the world!

Sparkling LoVe & Light, always! 
Lynne ♡

Care to explore together?

Intuitive Life Coaching

Group events

Akashic Records

love ♡ notes 

"I have experienced a wonderful introduction to the Akashic Records with Lynne! This has allowed me to anchor myself deeper within and to expand my consciousness.
My Akashic Records sessions have not only gifted me with insights & illuminations on my life's questions, but have equally connected me to a state of peacefulness, joy, and Universal LoVe. I feel how  supported I am by this luminous universal field.
Thank YOU Lynne!”

prisca diano

"I admire Lynne’s immense depth of spirit and joy for life.

Lynne is a truth seeker and a bright shining light that will illuminate your path. She is sincere, kind and has a deep knowing about herself and of those she meets.

Allow her to support YOU and to use her strengths and gifts to activate your own. She can acutely tune in.

Enjoy and be amazed!”

Julie l. cusmariu

"The attentiveness, respect, professionalism, and expertise of Lynne conveyed me to openness.

My Life Coaching sessions provided me with tools that I amazingly continually apply in all areas of my life!

In a sense, Lynne taught me how to unlearn + to deconstruct to concisely formulate my goals/desires, to elaborate the steps that will lead me to my goals.”

Yassine Barry

"My Akashic sessions with Lynne helped to gain insights about myself. One of the most important changes I have embodied within me is to seek the reason why certain events occur, how it can help me to evolve further, and what should be my role to play.  I feel a sense of inner gratitude towards Lynne for offering me lots of insights and guidance. I always feel very free in expressing and sharing myself and her joyful response is quite amazing and encouraging!”

gaurav sharma

"Lynne is a such a pure soul and the true essence of her work.

Her compassion, support, knowledge, wisdom and authenticity were key in my journey to connecting to my heart.

I can’t recommend her enough, as working with her has made a significant impact on my life!”

alexandra oakes

"I was flabbergasted by Lynne’s accuracy & insights throughout our Akashic Records sessions!

As a magician, I had absolutely NO idea how she could possibly tap into such detail of my personal life, without using a magic trick.

Her insights truly helped me better understand myself as well as different aspects of my life.”

jeff blain

"My Life Coaching sessions were a true liberation & revelation from the very beginning! I am forever grateful for these sessions as they have profoundly changed my life’s vision.
They have provided me with the resources required to release ALL that was stuck within me.

I have finally found my True Self. Thanks to Lynne, I have found MY inner light!
Thank YOU! Thank YOU! Thank YOU!!!”

anne-paule blanchard

"My Life Coaching sessions with Lynne truly helped me gain clarity.
Her peaceful, compassionate, loving, open nature always created a safe environment for me to freely share.
I observed becoming more calm, clear and relaxed as each session progressed.

Thank you for listening actively without judgment, for asking the right questions, for helping me to get to the core of issues!”

tal gur

"My Akashic Records session with Lynne was truly transformative! It was as if she held a mirror before my soul, with compassion & joy.

I was amazed with her ability to connect with the spirit world, as she tapped into the wisdom from my ancestors.
She was able to provide me with the insight & affirmation I needed to focus on my passion and live in a more authentic and self-fulfilling way!”

Sojourner williams

'Your essence's resources are infinite.
They can propel YOU on to planes of a rare beauty.
 The human heart has infinite capabilities.'
- Chariji 

Connect to your essence.