Intuitive life coaching

YOU have the inner resources to design your life.
Receive guidance + support & align yourself.

 1:1 Private coaching sessions

⟁ Seeking for guidance, accountability or support in moving forward with your aspired goal(s)?
⟁ Unsure of what the next best steps are to pursue successfully with your idea | desire | goal?  ?
⟁ Wishing YOU could gain momentum, direction & clarity?
⟁ Feeling sporadic doses of confusion or overwhelm and it is keeping YOU stuck?
⟁ Experiencing exhaustion as YOU have tried a diversity of things on your own, but seem to unsuccessfully be able to move forward?

Are you?

△To access your inner wisdom and identify a diversity of options to align YOU to your desired outcome.
△ To gain new perspectives & to access your inner creativity.
△ To clarify your situation and bust through confusion.
△ To identify your blockages and limiting beliefs.
△ To connect to your Truth and to see what resonates most with YOU.
△ Align yourself + your life to what YOU truly, sincerely want :-)

an intuitive life coaching session allows YOU...

Intuitive Life Coaching sessions offer YOU the space to access your inner resources, to expand your awareness, to connect with your creative ideas,
inspirations and solutions.


It represents a journey into self-discovery, exploring possibilities and aligning Your Self to your desired lifestyle!

What intuitive life coaching does?

YOU, as a being, hold ALL of your answers within.
YOU have all of the power and tools to transform whatever is not serving you anymore in your life, and to align yourself to what YOU truly, sincerely want.


create a life aligned to your true desires and dreams

An intutive life coaching session includes... 

1 x 90 min 1:1 online sessions with lynne (via zoom)  

love ♡ notes 

"My Life Coaching sessions were a true liberation & revelation from the very beginning! I am forever grateful for these sessions as they have profoundly changed my life’s vision.
They have provided me with the resources required to release ALL that was stuck within me.

I have finally found my True Self. Thanks to Lynne, I have found MY inner light!
Thank YOU! Thank YOU!
Thank YOU!!!”

anne-paule blanchard

"My Life Coaching sessions with Lynne truly helped me gain clarity.
Her peaceful, compassionate, loving, open nature always created a safe environment for me to freely share.
I observed becoming more calm, clear and relaxed as each session progressed.

Thank you for listening actively without judgment, for asking the right questions, for helping me to get to the core of issues!”

tal gur

"Lynne listens deeply & intuits within every Life Coaching session, she always hears me in all of my uniqueness; she gets me. Lynne’s reflection of my words, combined with her insights, and visions have been perfect in supporting my personal growth & expansion.
Her energy is infectious and is an invitation to show up, beyond our sessions. My experiences with her have been enriching, fulfilling, loving, playful and wonderful. I love Lynne – make magic with her now!!!"

heidi firth

'Your essence's resources are infinite.
They can propel YOU on to planes of a rare beauty.
 The human heart has infinite capabilities.'
- Chariji 

Connect to your essence.