Sparkling Soul expansion

Connecting to your soul's wisdom.
Exploring within your Akashic Records.

1:1 Akashic records session

⟁ Seeking for guidance & insight regarding recurring patterns | situations | challenging areas of your life?
⟁ Unsure of how to deal with your (unanswered) questions and pursue harmoniously?
⟁ Wishing YOU could gain perspective, illumination & insight?
⟁ Feeling like a clarity infusion would be highly beneficial to YOU?
⟁ Seeking to soulfully align yourself?

Are you?

△ Illuminate YOU
△ Guide YOU through your indecisions | confusion | problems
△ Help YOU to understand and move through your fears | anxieties | difficulties and/or major transitions
△ Offer YOU a new soul-level perspective on your life's situations 
△ Clarify the life lessons underlying particular situations or people in your life
△ Provide guidance on your next best steps
△ Connect YOU to your Truth 
△ Align YOU with your soul

a sparkling soul expansion session may...

The information contained within the Akashic Records may assist YOU profoundly in dealing with your life’s situations and challenges and bring peace + healing.

Your Akashic Records may guide YOU and reveal your
soul-level truth regarding any aspect or sphere of your life.

They may also expand your consciousness.

‘Akasha‘ is a Sanskrit word that translates into ‘primary substance’ or ‘ether’ (space & time).

In history, the Akashic Records have been referred to as The Book Of Life or the Universal Consciousness. They are the soul’s journey over time, such that every thought, emotion, action and energetic pulse is registered in the Akashic Records from the time it first individuates to the time it returns home. 

What are the akashic records?

"The Akashic Records is the soul-level dimension of consciousness,
containing a vibrational record
of every soul and its journey(through time).
The Akashic Records are an experiential body of
wisdom that contains everything that every soul
has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence.
The Records are that sacred intersecting zone of Divine,
universal love, wisdom, and power, experienced
as a profoundly sacred space of consciousness
." -Linda Howe 


A Sparkling Soul expansion session includes... 

1 x 75 min 1:1 online session with lynne (via zoom)  

love ♡ notes 

"These sessions have really helped me understand myself better.
They have set me on a path of exploration and growth.
As a result, I have experienced greater levels of freedom and happiness in my life.
They have brought about clarity in my thinking. I get the feeling of blossoming on the inside.
They help me become unstuck in life, thus allowing for further expansion and exploration.”

ashwini holla

"My Sparkling Soul session with Lynne was perhaps one of the most insightful and precious gifts I have ever received.
The session gave me an opportunity to understand myself on a more fundamental level, discover a clearer vision of the forces inspiring and guiding my life, and align myself to my Self.
The intimate, subtle, judgement-free space that was created during my session touched me deeply.
Thank you, Lynne, with all my heart.”

jeffrey jackson

"Each Akashic Records session with Lynne has allowed me to dive deeper into who I am, and to truly feel my limitlessness.
Each session has provided me with a better understanding of the essence of what is going on in my life (not just that on the surface). Lynne helps me to see the truth with a capital T.
I always feel understood and not judged with Lynne.
I now understand myself on a very deep level."

nathalie massicotte

"The Akashic Records sessions provided me with a reassuring feeling. They helped me move from being stuck in uncertainty, and gave way to assurance & confirmation. 

My Sparkling Soul Expansion sessions with Lynne helped me to know MySelf better.

In essence, I know believe that everything is possible! I believe in myself and in listening to myself.
Thank YOU for everything!”

Suzan nour

"Lynne’s Sparkling Soul Expansion session helped me to know myself better in regards to my past experiences, and to project myself with a lot more trust for the future.
Thanks to my session, I was able to identify my self-sabotaging factors as well as my blocks. 

This reading evoked within me an awakening, a better understanding of my life’s mission and has allowed me to pursue my path with a surplus of determination.”

Judith J.

"Lynne’s sweet voice puts you immediately at ease. She is a good listener and holds the energetic space for you to be ‘YOU’.

The information & wisdom she conveyed through our session was highly accurate for my life’s situation. I felt inner shifts + healing happening during our session itself.

The most valuable part of the session was when she made me understand my soul gift. Priceless!”

Bindiya Aravandekar

'Your essence's resources are infinite.
They can propel YOU on to planes of a rare beauty.
 The human heart has infinite capabilities.'
- Chariji 

Connect to your essence.