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- Lynne

Lovely to have YOU in my virtual space. 
My intention is to inspire YOU, to uplift your soul + to radiate LoVe! 

namaste + welcome!

Life Coaching can be utterly transformational and useful. It is designed to allow YOU to seek within yourself to find your answers, solutions, guidance, and wisdom.

Life Coaching sessions can genuinely help YOU to become clearer, to fluidly achieve your goal(s), to successfully manifest your dream(s), to align YOU to your truest aspirations, to add value to your life, to keep YOU focused + uplift YOU.

Yet, in my eyes, here are 3 reasons why hiring a Life Coach would NOT be the ideal scenario:

Reason #1: Expecting Miracles Instantly

While Life Coaching sessions offer YOU a beautiful space to connect to yourself, to transform your perspectives and to tap into your inner creativity + wisdom, it often takes a minimum amount of time to truly integrate these changes and transformations into your life.

Expecting your life to completely change after one single 60 min or 90 min session is quite unrealistic, especially if YOU have been living out certain patterns or behaviours your entire life. Change and transformation require the time they require to bloom within YOU and your life.

If YOU seek to hire a Life Coach for an instantaneous miracle session, YOU may wish to reconsider. As it is best to invest yourself over a few sessions to explore and to integrate actual results/outcomes into your life.

On average, it takes anywhere between 5 to 10 sessions for a person to achieve their aspired goal through Life Coaching sessions. 

Just as a garden requires time to grow, Life Coaching sessions require time and space to adequately help YOU transform into your new aspired reality or goal.

Reason #2: Not Being Open To Changes 

While this may be a surprise to some of YOU, being open to changes is sometimes overlooked by certain people.

Some people expect to see different results or outcomes in their life without actually making a-n-y changes to their current life(style).
They seek to hire a Life Coach wishfully thinking that, by simply hiring them, their life willchange. No changes on their behalf necessary.

Life Coaching is an active process that invites YOU to explore new ways of being/doing. YOU may expand your consciousness with new perspectives and novel creative ways of seeing things/situations in your life.

The definition per se of change is ‘The act or instance of making or becoming different.‘ (in Google Dictionary).

If YOU believe that by simply hiring a Life Coach, and by remaining in the same energetic patterns/behaviours, your life will change, please think again. Life Coaching requires YOU to be open to and to embrace changes, to freely explore its array of possibilities.

Openness to newness is key.

Reason #3: YOU Want To Be Told What To Do 

Hiring a Life Coach to not have to make your own decisions or to not have to figure out your own plans is, in my personal opinion, a mistake.

Being undecided and unsure is one thing. Feeling confused or requiring help to gain clarity is understandable and good reason to hire a Life Coach.

Being inactive or neglecting one’s life decisions is another thing.
Expecting a Life Coach to decide your life for YOU or to tell YOU what YOU should do is an erroneous belief.

The purpose of a Life Coach is not to tell YOU what to do.
YOU are the unique author of your life + your life’s choices.

A Life Coach is there to empower YOU, to support YOU, to guide YOU and to allow YOU to create your reality, according to your true aspirations. But YOU are the one taking action(s) and navigating your life.

Life Coaching sessions are NOT predetermined formulas that apply to all.

Each Life Coaching session is unique and creates a space for YOU to define your aspirations, to draw your strategies + next best steps.

YOU freely choose and create according to YOU.


If YOU are thinking of hiring a Life Coach, ensure YOU are joyously willing to invest yourself, your time, your energy and adopt openness to exploring new ways of thinking + being.

Life Coaching can be amazingly transformational, but remember that YOU are at the center of your life’s direction + decisions. No one can be or do for YOU (including a Life Coach).


Care to explore Life Coaching + see what it has to offer YOU?
I would LoVe to support YOU! Connect with me here.

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