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- Lynne

Lovely to have YOU in my virtual space. 
My intention is to inspire YOU, to uplift your soul + to radiate LoVe! 

namaste + welcome!

In my eyes, giving & offering is truly a gift + an art.
It is a humbling experience for the giver as well as for the receiver.

Giving is an act + an art that we may execute with kindness, and express tainted with affection every day of our lives (if we so choose).

It is an ageless, priceless, boundless art, which may carry the energy of LoVe exponentially…

When YOU give purely, YOU are offering.
When YOU are offering, YOU are opening yourself up to sharing + connecting.
When YOU are sharing + connecting whole-heartedly, YOU are truly sparkling magic in the world ━☆゚

Imagine for a moment, if every human being on planet Earth would give purely, for the sake of giving, e-v-e-r-y day…WOW!!!

In essence, whenever YOU have an opportunity to give, give with all of your heart.
It is a natural gift and ability within YOU.

This year, this month, this week, this moment, give. Joyfully.
Just as the sun shines infinitely, YOU may practice the art and act of giving boundlessly.

The secret to the art of giving?
To give solely for the sake of giving, without expecting anything in return.

*Note: authentic giving actually gives energy. It does not feel exhausting nor constraining. When it comes from the heart, it truly fuels YOU.

Beautiful Soul,

Q. What can YOU give YourSelf today that will nourish your heart & soul?
Q. What can YOU give someone else today that will add joy to their life?
Q. What can you gift the WoRLD with today, that will embellish the planet?

With Infinite LoVe & Sparkles of Light,

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